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Get To Know Us

If your heart always goes to the heart of the wildlife then, undoubtedly your requirement is to visit us and stay with us as we are the remarkable safari lodge group with truly remarkable features and exceedingly remarkable services aimed towards every remarkable and adventurous guest like you! For more than 15 years, we are that dream come true safari lodge destination, where all your singular safari needs are catered to beyond the reality!

What do we do?

If you think our responsibilities are done with your comfort stay arrangements then, you are certainly mistaken! Not only we make your comfy stay happen but also offer you with some remarkable safari options, mind-blowing food varieties, cultural activities etc. so that you never feel remote to the place and its inhabitants. From collective to custom-made, you could choose whatever safari options that fit yours and your group’s expectations as we are here to make every possible and impossible expectations of yours a reality!